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New Headphone Recommendation

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About six months ago I invested in a pair of Sennheiser HD 518's and I am very pleased with the purchase.  I know they aren't the best headphones out there but they were only $65 at the time and they were worth it.  I am now in the market for a pair of closed back headphones that I can bring basically everywhere.  I am quite picky so it may be hard to give some recommendations.



  • They must be closed back as I want no sound leakage
  • They can't be that large since I am a bit self conscious and they have to be easy to transport
  • They must be over ear since I can't stand any on ear pressure
  • They must be comfortable
  • They must be on the cheaper side since I don't have that much money


What I Would Like

  • They could be a little airy since I don't want any sweaty ears
  • I would prefer to have a price tag of around $40 (max is $70 or so)


I listen to pretty much any music except for rap, country, and heavier types of rock.  I listen to a lot of instrumental music also so vocals aren't a must.  To top things off I do not need a lot of bass but a little punch would be appreciated.

By the way, feel free to recommend any music to me that you find enjoyable (preferably instrumental) since my library is kind of lacking at the moment.


Sorry if it is difficult to recommend a pair for me.  Thanks in advance.

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These look like decent options and the prices look good but I would much rather spend the extra money for new headphones.  I just can't wear a pair of headphones that was used by someone else.


Thanks anyway.

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Look into the Takstar, Technical Pro, and Gemini headphone brands: http://www.head-fi.org/t/585356/the-takstar-technical-pro-gemini-greathon-thread
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