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Well all, just picked up an old Sony SCD-CE595 SACD 5-CD Changer off of Craigslist for $50 - with manual and remote.


I just hooked it up, and it's been sitting for a couple of years so I'm giving it some time to burn-in. According to the original owner, it never saw much use.  He tried a couple of SACD's and then quickly got into iPads for the portability.


Only thing I don't like about the remote is the inability to select individual tracks (numbers 1-10) on the remote, but funny enough that it's compatible with my old remote from an 80's Sony CDP-397.  Using it's remote I can select which track number I want without having to move forward or backward on the stock remote.  It's all in the firmware, but I guess a better remote would've raised the price.  :mad:


Sound quality is great so far, but havent' really tested it too much as of yet.  It definitely has a better DAC than my old Sony CDP-302 that I was using.  Of course it doesn't have a HP jack, but I can live without that too.


All in all, for $50 I'm happy.  Now I'm just waiting on my two SACD's to arrive, which should be on Friday. (Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon & Allman Brothers - Eat A Peach (MFSL))




Right now I have a low-bucks setup, but it's sounding pretty darn good.  My Receiver is a mid 90's Pioneer Elite VSX-79 and a pair of Realistic Mach One speakers.  For the burn-in I'm using it with my lightly modded Bravo Audio V3 hybrid headphone amp and a pair of Pioneer SE-A1000's.  Still sounds dang good!

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