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For Sale:
Fostex T50RP (modded)

Will Ship To: CONUS

I've had this particular T50RP for a while now, and I consider it the best mod that I've done to date, but my stationary headphones just aren't seeing any use lately so I'm thinking it's time to move on :(


This is the slightly older version of the T50RP that was seen back when the modding craze began--it has the darker copper colored rods.  It has quite a few modifications, many of them similar to the DVB 3 setup.



-Silverstone on back wall of cup

-Rockwool stuffing (this stuff is awesome!)

-Ace rope caulk around the edge of the cup (gotta seal EVERYTHING)

-modeling clay on the inside of the baffle

-paper covering removed from back of the driver, replaced with transpore



-Original side headphone jack sealed off with epoxy putty

-Balanced recable using Gotham GAC 4/1, terminated with a silver 4 pin XLR.  XLR->1/4"  TRS and XLR-> speaker (banana) adaptors included.  XLR and TRS connectors are Neutrik.

-Added black leather headband pad (this can be removed if desired)

-Vents taped over for tuning (left this external so they can be easily adjusted to taste

-Cups painted black and topcoated with a polyurethane spray

-Original felt-like material cut away from outside of drivers - the fine screen below it is still in place

-Outer baffle wall covered in felt, excluding driver opening

-more Ace Hardware rope caulk! (wasn't kidding about that sealing:p)

-Pads replaced with Shure 840 pads

-Removable leather-covered foam wedges added under the Shure pads to make them angled if desired


I think that's just about it--be sure to reference the pictures!


IMO this configuration sounds great -- I used the HD600 to use as a reference point when tuning, and when I got to the point I ended up reaching more for the T50RP than the 600, and as a result the Senns were sold off.  Of course, we all have different preferences, so I'm not making a guarantee--just offering an opinion.  The person that chooses to buy these should go into the transaction feeling comfortable enough to open these things up and play with them to get exactly the sound he or she wants.


I haven't kept up on the modding thread in quite a while, but if anyone has any questions about this particular pair of headphones feel free to shoot me a message.


Asking price is $old shipped USPS Priority CONUS, paypal fees included.


Thanks and enjoy!

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