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One ear deafness - which headphones?

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I´m deaf on one ear and I have trouble choosing the right headphones. As I understand, most headphones play different sounds on each side. That pretty much makes it silly for me to spend any serious cash on headphones, right? Or am I completely wrong?


I am getting close to buying Beyer Dynamic DT770 PRO, but not sure if I should do it, or stick with the cheapo in-ear phones.


I mostly listen music on my phone, but recently I got into producing electronic music so I need something for those times when I Need to keep things silent. If you´re wondering how come a half deaf person gets into producing - in a nutshell, I get by ok, pretty much hear everything, except I don´t have stereo hearing :tongue_smile: 


Help me :o2smile:

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Stereo or mono, good headphones will still give you good sound.  No matter what headphones you pick, just get a stereo to mono adapter (or set to mono output from your DAP) and you will be fine.


p.s. you should look into Westone's product, as they got started by making hearing aids.

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Look into the KOSS prodj100 , it has a stereo to mono switch...

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There have been a few forum threads on this subject in the past. Over three years ago I lost all hearing in the right ear and suffered impairment in the left overnight caused by a viral infection. I did some research on possible solutions and can offer some suggestions.


Possibly the most straight forward solution would be headphones originally designed for the DJ market with a stereo/mono switch. IIRC Beyer, Pioneer, Koss and possibly a few other manufacturers offer them. I intended to go with the Beyer, but they were in short supply at the time, so I started looking for other solutions.


Scansound offers a single stereo to mono earbud for single ear deafness users. I use one of these on a daily basis for TV viewing. It works well for that purpose, but I find it somewhat lacking for serious music listening.


Fairly simple stereo to mono converters can be made with resistors and some wire if you or someone you know is comfortable reading simple circuit diagrams and using a soldering iron. Circuit diagrams are readily found on the internet with a Google search. These converters enable the use of regular stereo headphones or earbuds. The inexpensive stereo to mono plugs sold by Radio Shack and others do not work in this application and can cause damage to some sound equipment.


Some older (and maybe some modern) sound equipment had stereo/mono switches built-in. Mono recordings were still in common use back in those ancient times! I was fortunate to have kept a Carver C-1 Preamp with a stereo/mono switch and headphone jack for all those years. I dusted it off and connected it to the MacBook Pro via an audioengine DAC feeding a pair of modded  Fostex T50RP's. (I modded only the left side of the Fostex's, but left the right side in place.) This set-up gives me the best listening experience I've had since my hearing loss. Good luck on you quest! Vic

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I came across this mono single-ear set (Beyerdynamic DT1S) and thought you might be interested. Best luck!

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Here is another idea: will bone conduction headphones work for you?  I don't know what caused the deafness from one side of your ear, but if the nerves still work, then I think you should give this a try.  Amazon has them and generally being under $100.



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