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Help me use my E09k + E17

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So here's my issue. I want to be able to switch from my monitor speakers to my akg 702 through the e09k with my E17 attached. What I assumed that the "dock in"/"aux in" switch at the front does was switch the incoming source from the usb connection to a connected aux. I think it's a little complicated so I'll try to list it out.


What's Connected:

Power -> Surge Protector

USB In -> Computer USB Port

Line out -> RCA to 3.5mm -> Monitor Speakers

Aux in -> RCA to 3.5mm -> Computer's 3.5mm port.


What I have now is playing audio through both my Headphones and speakers, which is not what I wanted. If i flip the switch on the front of the E09k to Aux in, I get no sound at all (My computer doesn't recognize any audio source plugged in either). I want to be able to play the headphones and speakers seperately while connected to the e09k. Can anyone help me?



Edit: Another thing. My E09k LED goes from red to off. It doesn't turn blue? I can't seem to get the E09k to work by itself

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The Aux-in / USB-in would select between 2 different sources, but you are using the same source with 2 different outputs. Your source is the computer, and you're outputting 2 signals, one via USB & one via the headphone jack. Don't know if there is any point in that, or if you even can output 2 signals at once. I believe on mac you must select only one in the system settings, but not sure if it is the same on PC. 


I'm guessing if you unplug your headphones, it will output to the speakers. I don't see any switch on the E9 to select between headphone out & pre-amp out, so you probably just need to unplug your headphones and you'll hear the audio through the speakers.


Also keep in mind, if you are using the headphone jack to send audio to your E9 via the Aux-in, then you are bypassing the DAC on the Fiio's and using your computers on-board DAC. Again, not sure if you want that, but that is what's happening when you use Aux-in from the computer headphone port.

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here, watch this:


when you have the E17 in, you have to still select the input on the e17 display menu. Also, since there is no output select, as long as you have both the speakers plugged in to pre-out, and the headphones plugged into the headphone jack, sound will play through both. The only way to not have both playing is to unplug one of them.


If your speakers have their own on/off switch or their own vol. control, you could stop them from playing that way, but not through the Fiio.

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