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1964 Quads Just Failed

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Just lost both bass drivers in my right monitor after only 18 months of relatively minor use - weekly Sunday AM performances at church and corporate video soundtrack on-site mixing.  Wondering if anyone else has experienced any problems like this or if my experience is a total fluke.

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oh man, that's too bad!  I lost bass drivers in both my UE10s a while ago when I hit the volume accidentally on my iPhone.   I will say the repair  US was able to do was amazing, and I would think 1964 would be at least as good.  So best of luck!  

PS:  I am thinking of adding a pair of 1964s, so I hope it's a fluke . . .

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Sending them back tomorrow...weirdest thing, I had just used them a few hours prior without any incident.  Put 'em away, came back to use them again for some casual listening and thought either my laptop was malfunctioning or I had just managed to destroy my hearing. :confused:


We'll see what happens.

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