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Just got these today--about 110.00 from Amazon Warehouse, and although the seal had been broken, they were in perfect shape; indeed, the seal for the VERY high quality cords had not been opened.


These are great phones.  Very comfortable, with a balanced sound and very comfortable indeed.  I was a bit spooked by reports of a deficient high end, but I tried them using my Topping VX1 DAC to play some DVD-A rips of bands like REM, Talking Heads, Neil Young and Morrissey.  They sound glorious, and at this price point they are a real bargain. They did need the amp to be turned a bit in comparison to my Pold Monitor 30 speakers


I look forward to trying them with my Pono player later this fall.  I'll also give them a shot with my Fiio E11/Iphone and see how that works.They play loud thru an iphone 5, but if I want to inflict damage, they will need the external amp.


I'm going to compare them to my Martin Logan Mikros 90s, which I also love.Both are very attractive phones which an adult can wear without looking like they are trying too hard :)