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Well I finally have a report on the HD 360pro.  It broke in nicely and overall I'd have to say it sounds very similar to the 280 which my son had loaned me.  If you have big ears (I don't) they will probably end up not being as comfortable as the 280's.  To improve things more my family gave me a Schiit Valhalla tube headphone amp for my birthday.  That really makes a huge difference.  My son and I both felt the 360 had a bit more base than the 280 but it could simply be due to the smaller cup size.  It makes all of my headphones sound better.  Next up I'm considering a Grado SR 225 or 325.  Are these over the ear or on the ear?  For less than $50 on amazon with free shipping the 360 is certainly a good value.  


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Grados are on ear.
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As a follow up to this thread I just ordered a new pair of Senn HD650 from Amazon yesterday. I should receive them Wednesday. I can't wait
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Terrific you could swing them.  These are one of the high water marks, IMO.

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The HD650's are awesome.  Coupled with the Schiit Valhalla is a great combination.  

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