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For Sale: Fostex TH-900 [LAST CHANCE] - Page 2

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Just like kugino mentioned, if you don't mind using escrow then I would gladly to take it off you. :D

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no paypal, no transaction dude...

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PayPal does not allow its Kazakhstan clients to accept payment. Only send. If I was able to do it via PayPal (which I initially tried with one of the members of the head-fi), believe me, I would.

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you seem desperate to get rid of it?

just curious:p

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Yeah, I'm not doing great financially and need money. 

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i've PM'd with scorpio a bunch b/c i was interested in these and thought that escrow would work, but alas, escrow to kazakhstan is a no-go as well. however, i do think that these are a potentially great buy for someone who lives somewhere where shipping wouldn't be too expensive. i've seen the fedex tracking info from drew at moon audio to kazakhstan...and i do believe that scorpio is legit. 


seeing that he is willing to ship first and then receive payment after receipt says a lot, IMO. but i understand people's hesitancy...hopefully someone can take these off of his hands soon. good luck...

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Is there any reason for you to raise the price instead of drop it?
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Originally Posted by midnightwalker View Post

Is there any reason for you to raise the price instead of drop it?

You know, I was never comfortable selling them so cheap in the first place. Given they're in perfect condition and I hardly used them, I always regretted that. I started at $1,300 and would gradually lower the price, but that didn't help. Like I said to other guys, if I won't be able to sell them anytime soon, then I'll just do it when I go back to London (which by then I'd be able to accept PayPal or even offer collection in person),but then I won't be selling them for less than $1,200 - 1,300.

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I've PM'd scorpio too, and he seems nice and patiently answer every question I have. I've decided to pull off the deal because the shipping cost is too high to ship to my location.

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Don't see how it could be a scam if he's willing to wait until you receive the headphones for his payment... In fact that's a pretty decent thing to do. I'm not interested in these but at this price, hopefully someone will snatch em up. GLWS.

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good luck with the sale...

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Originally Posted by kphfrail View Post

good luck with the sale...

Thanks, but at this point Im starting to think it will take more than that :etysmile: 

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Hi Scorpio,


When are you due to be in London? I'd be interested in demoing these and obviously possibly buying them!

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Sometime in september, but please keep in mind that the price will be more expensive ($1,200-1,300) by then. 

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