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I am trying to get the best setup for my PC, TV, Computer Speakers, and Headphones.

Right now I have the following setup:


                                            LineOut -- Schiit Lyr -- Headphones 

PC -- USB -- Fiio E17/E09K ---|

                                            PreOut -- Klipsch Promedia 2.1 Speakers


PC -- HDMI -- TV


* I also have the TV output running to the Fiio AUX IN so I can use my consoles with headphones


My goal: switch outputs/inputs easily, and get clean Line-Out signals to the amps.

Current setup works pretty well - I get line out to my Lyr, the E09K gives me a volume knob for the speakers, and I can easily switch to HDMI audio simply by turning off the E09K. I would prefer it if there was no gain on the E09K pre-out to 


I'm thinking about upgrading to a Bifrost DAC in the future, but I would lose some of the flexibility I have with the E09K (no volume knob for speakers, no quick switching of Playback Device on the PC, etc)



Schiit suggested that I run a Y-Cable for the Bifrost LineOut -- one to the Lyr, one to the Speakers (maybe adding a passive preamp volume knob).


Can anyone suggest a better way to set this all up?