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Why should I buy Sony Zx1 (Decided to buy HM 802)(Zx1 bought)

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Topic is a little bit self explanatory. Right now I'm using iPod Video 5g with headstage arrow 4g and Phonak 012. Recently I ordered Pfe 232 and I also want to upgrade my player. I decided instead of modding iPod, buying new player makes more sense. When I checked prices I see that sony is around 750$, ak100 is 500$, dx90 is 450$ and X5 is also 450$.

So Sony is a little bir pricey compared to other daps. But if sound quality is higher than others and obviously connectibility options are much better at zx1, that price difference worths it. But I can not figure from reviews if Zx1 sound quality is better than other devices. Ak100 seems much more handsome than other players so part of me wants to buy it. another part of me wants to buy Zx1 because of all the flexibility and part of me wants to buy dx90, which also seems good. Or should I pay a little more and buy hm901?

Could you guys help me to decide which player to buy.
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I have no idea what source will match your new earphone. I have the Arrow 4g connected to a Touch 5g ( using a Shure SE846) . The ZX1 has slightly better clarity, a noticeably better soundstage, and seems smoother. The soundstage difference is nice but I believe it's software related (and will  eventually  be mimicked by other software ).


The differences are only noticeable in direct comparisons. Unless, your current setup is really frustrating, I'd save the 700 dollars  There's nothing dramatic going on.



But hey, don't listen to me. The player on the right  (Galaxy S2 with V4A) sounds more to my liking  (with extended  sub-bass and greater transparency).

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Well, its been almost (maybe more than) 8 years since I bought my iPod. So I'm little bit bored from it, I want to try something new.

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By the way I'm planning to use zx1 with arrow 4g, don't if arrow would have bad effect on Zx1 sound, but I guess that would fix the powering problem of Zx1.

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Get a 901, it's very special indeed, mind you others here will say a clip+ or IPhone is better!

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What are your priorities ?

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i dun think you should get ZX1,
when you try the demos and turn on that clear sound effect,
i think you will not have the idea of owning it ever

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Have a look at this:




You can ignore the iPhone comparisons if you don't find it useful.

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My priority is the sound quality. But of course I would love to have lots of connectibility options. I use spotify to discover new groups but the sound quality is poor on spotify, I'm planning to try qobuz next.

I'm listening progressive rock mostly, addition to that I listen Jazz and Ska second most. And ı listen classical music sometimes. I think the clarity and the details of the sound is most important, but I can't really figure that if I want a warm sound or not since I didn't try many sources.

The thing I don't understand on the reviews is slight difference between audio players. I compared my iPod and galaxy note2 and diference was like day and night. I compared ipod 5g video and ipod touch 3g again the difference was obvious. So when someone compared a phone with specialized audio player and found slight differences, I don't get it. If is that really so there is no need to pay 750 bucks to a player.

So if sony has better sound quality then dx90, x5, hm901 or ak100, I'm willing to buy sony. But if hm901 or hm802 is significantly better than zx1, then I guess I'm going to buy hm802 or hm901. Same goes for ak100.

It is really hard to decide which dap to buy nowadays.
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By the way I need to decide as soon as I can since my friend will come back from USA in 9 days. When you think about shipping there is not much time left. Any suggestion is appreciated.
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I decided to buy hm802, any objections?

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The 802 looks a bit ugly.

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Originally Posted by Dumbleroar View Post

The 802 looks a bit ugly.

Yes but I find sound of my iPod thin and I am afraid that sony is also going to be thin. Can someone convince me to buy zx1?
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I had the 802 before I bought the ZX1. The 802 sounded pretty good with my full size headphones but was not a good match for my IEM. To be fair, I didn't have the IEM amp card. The 802 crashed 3 times on the first day. The UI was slow and awkward. It got warm and drain the battery quickly at times.

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Just ordered zx1 from amazon, lets see whats gonna happen.
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