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IEM pouch lock

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I have a Westone pouch and I'm looking for a way to lock the zipper with the ring. Anybody knows of or has found any solutions?



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Are you trying to lock them just so the zipper doesn't come open or actually lock so they cannot be opened without a key incase lost.

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If it is the first option just to keep the zipper from opening use a size#0 of the s binders from nite ize to clip the zipper to the ring. They can be found at most hardware stores or outdoor stores including: home depot, Lowes, REI, and others. They can also be found online here: http://www.niteize.com/product/S-Biner-Plastic.asp.

They run about 2 bucks for 2.

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It's to prevent my younger brother from using it. I had thought about some options, couldn't find a good solution. Firstly, I don't want the locking device to be heavier than the pouch and it's contents. It'd be great if it was keyless, as it's just a headache to keep track of where the key is, and it can be lost as well. Some sort of super light weight combination lock, if exists, would be best. Or maybe, if there is a locking method where it's a little tricky or not obvious how to unlock it. He's 12, so he's not gonna try a lot if it's hard in the first try.


S biner looks nice, but it's too easy and obvious. Thanks for the suggestion, still.

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There are rather small combo locks out there for luggage, might be your best bet. I'd look on Amazon (or, probably ebay) for luggage locks... Cheap ones won't be the most secure things, but good enough for a 12yo, I'm sure!

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