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Singapore June 2014 Meet (ASEAN welcomed)

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Singapore 22nd June 2014 Meet 
Entrance Fee for the Meet = $10

Free Entrance for the Sponsors Room - Try out the coolest headphones, iems, and portable components
Location = Scape @ Orchard Road

Timing = 11am to 8pm (10:30am setup, 8pm packup)

fill up your gears!! limited space !!! maximum 30 people in room



There are 2 rooms


1 room for the sponsors (we have not finalise the list of sponsor, if you are interested do contact me @

1 room for the headphone meet


Level 4 Scape - Management Office




The Situation Room - Sponsors


* 11 power sockets available
* Chairs and Tables for 24 person







The News Room - Headphone Meet


* 17 power sockets available
* 2 6way power filter strip - UK (for US plug - self supplied)
* Chairs and Tables for 30 person




Table 1 to 8 , 14 & 15 are reserved for those who require power

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updated list


No. Poster Nickname *optional Real Name (We will nametag you) Headphones Earphones Portable Components Desktop Components Others (if any)
1 alamakazam Andy Chan Fostex T50RP DIY MOD Xiaomi Piston iFi Nano DSD
some DIY portable amp
MiniWatt S1 Laptop
2 Aegis_Yeo Yeo Bo leh Xiaomi Piston 2, 1964Ears V6-Stage Ak120, DHC Fusion 6core   May or may not go depending on schdule. Hdd for music sharing if i'm going
3 bangdoll Jeffrey Lim Focal Spirit Professional, Sennheiser HD25 Aluminum Fostex TE-05 iBasso DX50   Backpack with waterbottle and umbrella (mother said must bring)
4 longbigbronzeelephantfish Terence Audio Technica ATH-ES10
Audio Technica ATH-ESW11LTD
*Audio Technica ATH-A900XLTD
- iBasso DX90
Alo Audio The Continental V3
Alo Audio The Green Line
*Fostex HP-A4
*Audio Technica AT-HA22TUBE
*Still Deciding - Let me know if you're interested in anything.
Aftershock X15S-V2



Denon AH-D2000
FAD Pandora Hope VI

UM Mage

Fiio X3
Alo Audio The National
6   Randy   Jh Roxanne Still sourcing for new dap    
7 joshuachew/joshuachw in HWZ Joshua Chew? LOL LCDX, T1, HE6 (if anyone has amp to drive it), Reference 16 9 foot 4pin XLR for LCD All customs :( ZX1, RWAK120   Alienware 17 with Jriver and Jplay
Victor DT 770pro 80Ω, Headphones TurbulentX Drivers, SR 80i, Aiaiai TMA-1 ATH IM-50, JVC HA-FXD70, Phiaton ps210, Sony XBA-3, Xiaomi Piston 2 cMoyBB, Fiio E7   Laptop
*missing small and large tips for some earphones
9 kchew Kelvin Audio Technica AD2000 with Apuresound v3
Sony MDR-CD900ST
JH Roxanne A&K AK120 Desktop O2+ODAC Laptop
Nikon D800E + 35mm f/1.4 + 85mm f/1.4
10 A.Nihilist Erei   UM Mentor, UE TF10 (modded), SF5 EB, Klipsch Custom One, UE 700, UE 900, ER-4PT, SF3 S Amps: E12 DIY, XDuuo XD-01   Interconnects: 80-core SPC/copper hybrid, 32-core SPC, 18-core copper, PlusSound silver-gold litz, Homegrown Audio 8-core pure silver.

Cables: PlusSound Silver-gold litz (balanced ready) (Westone), Cryo copper (3.5mm) (Westone), Teflon copper (RSA) (Westone), Homegrown audio 4-core pure silver (balanced ready) (Westone), Null Audio Lune (Westone), Song's Audio Galaxy Plus (MMCX)
11 duckne55 Bjorn AKG Q701, ATH-M50LE Xiaomi Piston - Magni+Modi (may or may not bring) MBA
12   Shu Wei Sennheiser HD558 Cosmic Ears BA1 JDS Labs C5D, iPhone 5S EMU 0204, UD110Mk2 Laptop
13   Peter Sennheiser HD800 Sennheiser IE800 iBasso DX100    

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Meeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I'll fly down on the 22nd. 

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Will try my best to come to this meet :-)
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Count me in, if I am free on the 22nd I'll definitely be there.
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For some people to notice, is this Sunday

The list is awesome!
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Originally Posted by alamakazam View Post

For some people to notice, is this Sunday

The list is awesome!


Cool! I can only attend for a couple of hours.

I will bring some IEMs, such as Fostex TE-05, Narmoo S1, and maybe some other.

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It was a nice meet today!
Really nice to meet new friends!
Hopefully next meet i will have more time, so can bring more gears ;-)
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Originally Posted by earfonia View Post

It was a nice meet today!
Really nice to meet new friends!
Hopefully next meet i will have more time, so can bring more gears ;-)

thanks for dropping by

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