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If you had a choice ?

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Which would you pick and why ??



Hifiman HE500



Cardas Earspeakers IEM

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HE-500 if you have a good amp. They sound better than IEM I have heard so far. 

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I am leaning towards the planers, but with summer coming on I am also thinking about the heat and hot sweaty ears.  I currently use Senn HD-650 and have occasional issues with heat


at times I like to listen for a few hours at a time........


On the other side of the argument, I have never found an IEM that I found comfortable (although I have never tried a pair above 100.00)

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What amp and DAC are you currently using? 

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I have a choice of amps


I have the Schiit Valhalla, and I have an Ampsandsound SE84 that does 3 WPC


Dac is the Schiit Uber Bifrost

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