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For Trade: PSB M4U1

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For Trade:

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Wanted to see if there was any interested to trade for my PSB M4U1. They are in great condition there are a couple small scratches on the edges of the cup but overall look excellent. Have the case, box,cable w/o mic (cant find the one with mic/controls) , unused extra pads, ect. They have maybe 20 -30 hrs on them. I love these but use my speaker setup most of the time or use my senns as I rarley need closed phones. Would be interested in trading for HD580's or HD600's + cash, might aslo consider Grados or a smaller portable phone might be interested in others as well just shoot me a PM if you want to offer something else.
Ill try to get some pics up by the end of the week might take until the weekend though if it's a busy week.
Archive feedback and ebay fb in sig.

Thanks! Feel free to PM w/any questions.
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