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Dvorak's 9th Good Recording?

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Hey, quick question:

Any of you know a good recording of Dvorak's 9th: From The New World"? I can't get a recording worth listening too. I have loved the piece ever since I played it in band last year.

Thanks guys!
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I'm interested as well.
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[Disclaimer] I honestly don't know anything about classical music. [/Disclaimer]


However, I have a recording of this in FLAC by The Czech Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Vaclav Neumann from 1974. I enjoy it, but your mileage may vary. I don't know what people who are truly knowledgeable about classical music think of it.


It's from this collection:



It's a recording of Dvorak's 9th you could try anyway...

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Look for this oneCompressed with JPEG Optimizer 2.02, www.xat.com


. Not only a nice recording but also a really nice performance.

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Many good recordings of a work this famous, but two good modern versions are Nikolaus Harnoncourt and the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, which is compellingly fresh and rethought out 


and Iván Fischer and the Budapest Festival Orchestra, which is a little pulled around and more controversial, but still first rate.


Either is a good choice.

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Solti, Solti, Solti.   Thunderous, balls-to-the-wall performance.


Second - Reiner.


Have around 8-9 versions - these two stand tall.    

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Ferenc Fricsay with Berliner Philharmoniker / RSO on Deutsche Grammophon is my all time favourite ... A must have recording of Dvorak


Note 3 tapatalking....
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I have a bunch of recordings and several great ones have already been mentioned.


This one from Kublik and the Berlin Philharmonic is great, maybe my favorite. You can never really go wrong with the Berlin Phil.



As mentioned, the Solti recording with Chicago is great.



Fricsay's and Reiner's recordings are also very good.

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Solti/Chicago +++++

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Two very different approaches:

Vaclav Talich. Czech Philharmonic. Supraphon. 1954.

Toscanini. NBC Symphony. RCA. 1953.
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Will +1 the Chicago Symphony Orchestra/Georg Solti release from 1984. That is what you want.

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I've got the Solti, Kubelik and Reiner versions referenced above, plus the Naxos issue - I believe it was by the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra directed by somebody or the other.


The Naxos version is OK, nothing exceptional about the performance or the recording. My favourite among the others is the Solti/CSO version - it has got a drive which is not as pronounced in the Kubelik/BH and Reiner/CSO efforts; it is - for lack of a better phrase - more rock'n'roll - to my ears, at least.


Yeah. If I were to own just one From the New World, it would probably be Solti's. Both Kubelik and Reiner are excellent, though.

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Originally Posted by Claritas View Post

Two very different approaches:
Vaclav Talich. Czech Philharmonic. Supraphon. 1954.
Toscanini. NBC Symphony. RCA. 1953.


Ha! Someone knows their Dvorak!

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I have several copies as well.  The oldest is a tape from over 20 years ago.


Honestly though, it's all pp, though for me it's the one off hdtracks that's no longer there my favourite (not avail in 96/24 at the time).

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Any enthusiasm for Jansons/Concertgebouw on their RCO Live hybrid disc?

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