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need $75 bass headphones

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So I need some headphones with good bass and good sound quality for under $75 I listen to dubstep rock and hip hop they must not leak to much sound because I will use them on the bus
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I don't have a big knowledge about headphones in general, no-where near that, but I do know that for your needs the Sony MDR-V55/BR DJ might be a good choice. Bass, good in quality and quantity for what you want, decent isolation and almost no distortion. comfort might be lacking though

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JVC HA-S500 are portable headphones with excellent bass emphasis.

Learn more in the discussion thread:
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Originally Posted by cel4145 View Post

JVC HA-S500 are portable headphones with excellent bass emphasis.

I can personally vouch for the excellent bass performance on the JVC HA-S400 (the S500's little brother with big sound). Its clear, punchy, and delivers a great experience. They are WELL below your budget so that's a plus, but they are a tab uncomfortable. The S500 are a similar size/style but with slightly more padding, according to reviews. There are a number of posts about pad replacements for both JVC phones, worth looking into. They also both fold up very nicely for travel.


Happy hunting!

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same with me, same budget same fav music..'


waiting for others recommendation:D

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Im thinking of going with skullcandy aviators does anybody know about them? I don't want the JVC because I don't want on ear and the Sony because I want something at least semi comfortable and the comfort reviews are very bad
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The Panasonic HTF600S is a blast as well.

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