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Recommendations on Which Headphones to Buy?

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First off, this is my first time on this forum, and also my first post. If you could bare with me, and notify me if i make a mistake, break a rule, or do something that shouldn't be done. Thank you.

I am thinking about purchasing a set of over-ear headphones, but am unsure what to get. I currently have a set of Sennheiser CX300II Bass driven earbuds, which have been amazing in my opinion, and i loved them over all. Thing is, the cable is very thin, and the connection to the actual earpiece was not made in a very good manner, along with the audio jack's connection. They produce great sound, but am afraid they may stop working because of the wear and tear. I am not very gentle with them, and is probably the main reason they are falling apart after such abuse. For this reason, i would like to purchase a fairly decent set of over ear headphones. My price range is $100-$130. I listen to a lot of electronic music, including but not limited to: Dubstep, Glitchstep, Trance, Hip-Hop, Chillstep, Liquid, Nightcore, and a few other sub-genre categories, along with classical, orchestra, and some indie. I would prefer something that has a

higher capability of playing bass enriched music (Looking for something on the bassy sound of things.) than the average headphone. I would also like a set (if possible) to have a retractable mic like the Razor headsets do, for time to time skype calls. Brand wise, i don't care too much, but would prefer something like Sennheiser or Bose; I have had an excellent experience with the first and have heard of good things from the other. Skullcandy is alright, but i consider them a sell-the-brand name type company like Beats, and wouldn't really want to get anything from them. (I started off with Skullcandy Titans, and i loved them. They broke after 3.5 years, but was worth it for $40. Also have a pair of Inked, also good, but ehh...) Needs to be: Good quality, Durable, able to play most categories of music, but more centered on bassy-electric, preferably a retractable mic, when worn, they shouldn’t overheat or get too warm, would want the cover rings to be nice soft and silky (I have VERY sensitive ears, to touch and warm things. They get irritated very easily by things being placed directly on them.) and needs to be over ear; No sit on ear. As stated, $100-$130

I am not too picky of brand as long as it fits with what i have asked for above.

Also, they will be mainly used with laptops, PCs, and mobile devices such as Kindle Fire HD, iPod touch, and other android/apple/windows/java/linux/unix based devices.

Should also mention it should have a high range of playing frequencies, such as infrasound and other binaural beat type of sound

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All that i could find is earbuds with that corresponding model. Earbuds are cool, but now i am looking for over ear headphones.

Thanks for replying,


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FYI, you are posting this in the wrong forum. You might get better recommendations in the proper one:


Introductions, Help and Recommendations

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Ahah! Thank you! Should i just post the thread there, or could an admin/mod move it over there?

EDIT: I have manually posted it to the correct section, could a mod or admin delete/remove/close this thread? Please and thank you.

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