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I am looking at an audio purchase and I am on the fence, I have a pair of Senns Hd-650, and Schiit Valhalla with Schiit uberfrost, I really like the sound and have been really intrigued with all the press around planer's.  Specifically the Audeze LCD2.2, and the HIFi-Man HE-500


one issue I am having with the decision is summer is on the way and I already experience ear sweat so I have found myself thinking about IEM, namely the Cardas Earspeakers


My budget does not allow for the Audeze, I have a quote to buy new HE-500 for 550.00 delivered, Or I can get the cardas for 425.00 delivered


I really want the purchase to give me an upgrade in sound also, like everyone I get used to something I start thinking I am missing something and I start looking to upgrade


suggestions anyone ??