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Advice on next set of IEM's (100$ cap)

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As the title says I'm looking for some IEM's that run no more than 100$ max and that would include shipping if its not prime compatible. My previous set was a pair of Klipsh image s4's. They have been great but I managed to fry one of the buds setting my charging laptop on top of it... So its time to get a set similar or better than the Image S4. Here are a couple of different IEM's I've been considering. Vmoda Vibes or o positives, Logitech UE 600, Klipsh Image s4 rugged, Etymotic MC5, Audio Technica ATH CKS55USBK, JVC HA FXD80 z. I would like to use them mostly for music like Bullet for my Valentine, DragonForce, Imagine Dragons, Nightcore, Egypt Central, Pillar, Skrillex, Nickelback, Hans Zimmer, and sometimes just random stuff. Basically I like a wide range of music so I don't want to lose quality in any of the ranges but I know I like more beat driven music. I will also be using these IEM's for watching movies, so if there is anything that would work well for everything and moves that would be great. I don't need to have base heavy IEM's but It wouldn't hurt to have something that covers that range with clarity. Like I said before my absolute max price is 100$ with the shipping but I do have prime available. I also must say, the Image s4's have been comfortable so far, so something of similar comfort would be great, durability is also a big concern considering what just happened to my set (albeit a mistake on my part). So basically quality of sound, durability, comfort, isolation, and microponics. Also the IEMs I listed are not the only ones I'm interested in, anything that will fit the needs I've got will be fine. Thanks for your help in advance.

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Shure se215 and rha ma750

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Shure SE115 or if you want to cut your budget in half wait for the Shure SE112.

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I'm figuring that I wont be getting the RHA MA 750s unless they drop in price, the other option would be the 600s instead, but i did some digging around and it looks like they are much worse. So the shures are looking pretty good atm. I did read some bad reviews on the shures(mostly the microponics and sometimes comfort.) It also looks like they are more bassy which is probably part of the reason why you all suggested it for me.

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i like the 600s better than the 750, on my sansa clip+ :P

Its a leaner, cleaner sound. And it has a L-shaped jack.

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Take the SE215. I think u will get thw most out of it wink.gif nice, comfortable w a decent sound wink.gif
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Any other opinions out there? maybe for different headphones or even backing up the two posted here? I am leaning toward the RHA 600 but not totally sold on it. I also like the construction of the JVC ha fx d80z but thats just build quality not sound or anything else. I should say though that I'm quite impressed with the Shures ability to replace the cord without replacing the buds, and its only 30$ to do so which is cheaper than getting a new pair, although by the time to cord gives out I may be ready for a much better set.

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Definitely leaning towards the Shures now because they seem to be around what I want and for the price they look nice. Besides all that the sound looks like it will be highly superior to what I have now, so that's a big plus. Can anybody tip the scales for or against these IEM's? (Shure SE 215)

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Looks like the Etymotic Research HF5 is also very good, as well as te HiFiMan RE 400 Waterline. Both those look like they have very good sound and are about the same price as well

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Alright, I'm going to take the plunge on the Shure SE 215s in about an hour, If there is good reason not to because there is something better then now's the time to say so :P

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Just ordered the Shure SE215s and I will be awaiting them eagerly! I'll report back on satisfaction by the time I've burned them in.

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