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Hello, people of Head-Fi. Already, I have found some much information, and it has made it easy to find sources for ordering equipment. Now, I need a durable cable that can withstand frequent transportation, and some knowledge on the charges to expect for custom in-ear monitors. 


While browsing there were many threads for improving sound quality, and I naturally took an interest.


     a) A new cable, because the stock cable on my Shure SE535s is no longer functioning because it has peeled and the wires torn from practical use. I must mention that the cable was a replacement of the original set and I am unsatisfied with their build quality. As my search began online for a decent replacement, people have left reviews about increased quality of sound with an upgrade cables and I decided to research further, and surprise; the cost of upgrade cables are too various for considering as an option for me to enjoy music even more. Although, I have read some reviews about a Baldur MK II cable that would improve the clarity, but I am skeptic because of many comparisons. One last research attempt later, I discovered the Headphone Lounge, and Ted seems to be a wondrous fellow. So, I'm thinking about ordering from Ted, and I have a couple of concerns about the customization. What effect does the plug type, and the wire material when sound travels?


     b) Amps, not really. I was interested in getting an amp, but I came across an article, "To Amp, or Not to Amp?." I realized that there are many techniques to modifying music; I began to research once more, and I discovered that I can change the filter on my Shure's.


     c) Swapping filters became a more economical option to adjusting sound, and I have already ordered the dampers. Thankfully, someone left the correct product numbers, and I decided to get a couple of each type for experimentation.


     d) Customizing a Shell was my second priority, and this is where I want to start to customize an IEM. Still, any information would be appreciated.