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M50x vs DT770 Pro 32ohm

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Currently I havever the Sennheiser HD280 Pro, which I am beginning to dislike. The build is very cheap plasticky, and the frame creaks. They are very uncomfertable, as they clamp hard enough to give me a head ache after only an hour of use. Also, the headband really bruises the top of your head, so you are already sore in that area before you even put them on. The HD280's also didn't have present bass unless I used an equalizer, but to use an equalizer I had to download the music, and that is expensive. I prefer to stream off of youtube.
I am looking for a sub 200 dollar headphone that could be used for music listening, and be flat enough to be decently accurate for mixing applications. I would like slightly boosted bass, as I am a fan of electronic music and want that subwoofer feel. Since headphones arnt the best for mixing anyways, I could learn to compensate for the extra bass in my mixes.
My top 2 choices are the Ath-M50x and the BeyerDynamic DT770 Pro. As for build, I like the build quality and looks of the 770 over those of the m50x, but both are nice. The m50x's detachable cable, along with all of its variants, and it's ability to fold make it more portable. I have high quality iem's already that I use for in the go, but these features are a huge plus.
Now, also important is the comfort, as I do not want to buy another headache-inducing pair of cans. I have read up on several forums and found many comments on the pillow-like comfort of the 770's. But, I have also seen many comments saying that the m50x's were lighter and more comfertable. I wasn't a fan of the heavy hd280's. Also, I have fairly large ears, and I would like the ear cups to fully enclose them and not push on them, as this gives me ear aches. Yeah, I get a lot of aches. Comfort is very important, so that I can wear them for long studio sessions. I have no life and am on the computer listening to music or videos for hours a day.
And now, for the most important factor of all, the sound. Both cans are under 37 ohms, so I will not be using an amp. I will use them with my phone and computer's integrated realtek sound card. One day I might get an external sound card for my mixing, but money is tight. As I mentioned before, I would like a headphone that is good for listening to EDM, and also is accurate enough for somewhat decent mixing. I do love bass. This is where I also found almost every other opinion to be contradicting. "The m50's have more bass and are more accurate" "The 770's havery more bass and are more accurate!" I want that bass to be strong and deep without equalizung, because equalizers aren't usually available. (Please don't suggest an amp for this)
So, tl;Dr summary. Slightly exaggerated but tight bass with flat and accurate mids and highs is what I am looking for. Comfort is very important. Under 200$, mixing and electronic music listening.
Please escuse any typos or stange words, i have recently switched to Android and its autocorrect doesnt work like what I used to rely on. Thanks for reading.

Also, if anyone is interested in buying the HD280'S (though this might have talked you out of it) I will be putting them up on eBay later this week. They are in perfect condition. I could also just return them, but I bought them from best buy, and neither the m50 or the 770 are available there. Unless there is something else there that fits what I am looking for.
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I have both Headphones. The Bayerdynamic DT770 32 Ohm is better. Isolation and sound. It is a big difference. But the price is different too. 80 € or 150€. I use the DT770 with soft ear pads to get a little less bass. With the leather ear pads there is more bass. But when you like bass even the soft DT 770 is the way to go. I think they are worth the money. :-) greetings from Germany :-)

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Yeah, I'm leaning towards the 770's. Also, are the 770's more accurate? And, have you encountered rattling in one of the ears? It is a problem I have read about that worries me.

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It sounds better... I have no problems with closed headphones. The M50 i used for more than 8 hour's on the plane last month. The DT770 I use sometimes 4 and more hours while gaming on computer. No problem :-)

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