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Bluetooth Helmet fi ?

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been using a vega vtune helmet 

with my nexus 4 last summer

sound is pretty awful ok for podcasts

but unusable for music


as we start the riding season here in new england

does anyone have any ideas for a better solution



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okay so this is like my 3rd bluetooth helmet

they all tend to sound like total crap

so armed with everything i've learned from the good people

here i decided to do something about it

i removed the speakers and microphone

and replaced the speakers with a pair of razor clipons i had

rewired with a homemade 2.5mm to 3.5mm cable to a 

fiio e6 to boost volume and bass a bit and added

a miccus bluetooth tx to my colorfy

the result sounds pretty good not much bass

but no distortion and volume is pretty good on the highway

riding my sporty with open pipes

its a work in progress and i may replace the speakers w/ koss ksc75's






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