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Alternative to the HE400

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Hello all the HE400 is just too heavy for me and just not comfortable. I look down a lot when im studying(which is when i usually have headphones on) and the headphone slides right down and the weight just makes my neck uncomfortable.


1) 300 dollars budget but can go up 50$.

2) Have schiit stack plugged into computer.

3) wide musical taste except country and classical.

4) Open back that sounds fun with good bass which is why i dont thing the hd600/650 is a good fit for me.


People have suggested the dt 990 but the he400 just sounds plain better than that no?


Thanks in advance

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Right now I've got both the HE-400's and Beyerdynamic DT880 600 ohms (premium). I am having an incredibly tough time deciding which I want to keep. This being said, the Beyer's would be a great choice. They're INCREDIBLY comfortable, putting the 400's to shame. The 400's sound more open, have better bass extension, and sound cleaner overall. The Beyer's still sound fantastic, however.

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