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Westone UM50 Pro or W50s?

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So I need a new pair of IEMs and was looking at these 2, but which one would fit my music best. Now point of looking on Westones tests, as they use music I've never heard of.

I listen exclusively to acoustic/soft punk to full blown-ear deafening growl/grind to straight up borderline exorcisms.

I got a pair of W3s that did the job pretty well, but I've forgot them in the washer 3 times now, they still work impressively well, but has a bit static at high volumes and has lost a bit of puff.


I read a few articles here about them and according to Westone; "The UM Pro 50 features the most advanced drivers that we craft right now and are designed to be a great alternative to our ES5 customs". Then why is the W50 100$ more?

Also the build quality on the Pros are bit sketchy?


And as I've understand, the UMs are best for live and the Ws for the "masses" , though I havent found which has the best sound for metal. Which of those has the best bass/low end/vocals?


Sidenote: I am currently using a Samsung S2 as a source, probably not the best I'm sure so if anyone out there knows about a half decent smartphone with a proper sound card that'd be awesome.



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Same question..

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I asked Westone prior to asking here and here's what I got:




    Thank you for your email. The W Series (W10,W20,W30,W40, W50,W60) were specifically designed for personal listening, where as the UMPRO Series (UMPRO10, UMPRO20,UMPRO30, UMPRO50) was designed for musicians to use while performing live onstage as an ear monitor.

The W Series offers a sound signature that was designed for the high end audiophile who is looking for a well balanced sound across the frequency response without accentuating any particular frequency band. 

The UMPRO Series has a sound signature that provides detailed sound, but has increased low end response when compared to the W Series. The additional low end is necessary for musicians, as live sound is not as refined as prerecorded music that has been mastered. Many times the musician needs to have more headroom in the low frequency to replicate their instrument accurately, particularly if they are a drummer or bass player. The UMPRO Series will work well for personal listening applications; however the sound favors the performing musician. 


The W Series are designed and packaged here, but not manufactured here. The UMPRO Series is designed, manufactured, and packaged at our facility. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us again. "


I told them promptly that this was not helpful and that I do not appreciate paste and copy answers. Here's that reply:


    Thank you for your email. I apologize I did not answer your questions. I listen to metal as well, so I know what you are wanting. The W50 will be too neutral for what you want. The UMPRO50 will provide detail, accuracy, and a good punch in the lows. For your specific needs, I would recommend the UMPRO50. I hope this helps, let me know if you have any additional questions. Have a wonderful day. "


Based on this, the UM Pros would be the better option.

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