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sup everyone,


I have a Rega RP3 and Jolida JD9II phono stage(btw I'm new to this category) after I set up the turntable and connected all the components and fire the power button,

there is a really dominating hum or noise coming out of the speakers, the music is there but it gets buried by the noise,


since I'm new to LP listening, I was wondering did I put too much weight on the stylus, or it is because I haven't grounded the phono stage? or it could be that my integrated amp is too old(15 years+) that some of the components don't work properly?


I really appreciate if you guys can diagnose this for me, perhaps give me something to try, I really want to fix this


My setup:


Rega RP3 + Elys 2
Jolida JD9II (not ground, default setting on the back panel)

Sony Integrated amp (probably 18 years old, it's working fine in terms of playing CD or Radio tho)