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DT770 pads

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I got my DT770 32ohm a few months ago, but reading around, it seems there are many third party pads available out there. I am interested in gel and genuine leather pads.


I am wondering what would I gain if I were to switch out the fake leather pads? In other words, I am looking for better isolation along with better comfort and sound quality. If there is anything out there better than the stock ones, I am ready to hear it.


Mostly because the stock pads get a bit uncomfortable at times, but I am unwilling to sacrifice sound isolation by using velour pads, so I am wondering if there is an overall better product out there, whether its the gel pads, genuine leather or fake ones.



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Hey, I have the genuine leather pads and it definitely improved the bass, it sounds tighter.

Isolation improved as well.

One caveat is that it gets a little hot after 3-4 hours of continuos play, but it's not super bothersome.
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I don't mind earpads getting hot. Why are leather pads better for isolaton than pleather? And from who? What about comfort? 


Also, what about gel pads compared to pleather? I know they are no longer available from Beyerdynamic, but maybe there are some third party with those...

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Bump, anyone else?

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how do you like your headphones?

Have you tried using it with a velours

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I like my headphones but I feel that they are not comfortable at times. I don't want to try the velour pads as I really need the isolation. Isolation > comfort in my case, due to noisy environment. If I can find something as good or better isolation wise but more comfortable...


Unfortunately, it appears the gel pads are not available anywhere, so that leaves genuine leather only...? or anything else?

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