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For Sale: Westone w40 - Final price drop!!

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For Sale:
Westone w40 - Final price drop!!

Will Ship To: Australia

Hi all.

Decided to sell the Westone w40s I received 2 weeks ago. Quite literally did a sound test for about 5 minutes on them the other day and that's all they have been used. They're still very much new.

Comes with Westones 2 year warranty and packaged with all factory accessories.

Asking $450 $430 $400. Pick up in Melbourne or postage worldwide.

Cheers smily_headphones1.gif

* may be interested in trades for earphones of similar value/condition.
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Bump. Now $430.
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Final bump and final price drop.

$400 plus postage takes this. And now happy to ship internationally.
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Mate. Melbournian here. I have a set of Heir Audio 5s I want to get rid of. Willing to do a trade?

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Thanks for the offer but will have to decline.

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Aw no!

They're like..almost new...

*Sigh* always wanted a set Westones..

I'll see if I can sell mine before you do yours.
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No worries mate. They are just sitting in the box waiting to be sold...
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Very interested in this. I understand that you bought yours from Earphone Solution. Does 400 AUD include shipping to Singapore? What is the payment method convenient to you? Could you PM me for further information? thanks

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PM Sent

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