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He-500 cable problem

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I recently received a used he-500. I was listening to it this morning with no problems. Then I had to get up and clean up my room and other chores, so I played my music from my desktop speakers. A couple of hours later, after not having even touched them, when I listened to them, sound came out of only one side (left). I then began to single out which device was causing a problem. I found that is was the cable, as it made no difference which source or amp I used. It's also not the headphone, as when I switched the cable to reverse ( Left cable to right can), the sound came out of the right can only. The cable ending look to be practically identical, and no different from before.

Any idea what is causing this?
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I have no idea what the cause was but my brand new HE-400 also has a cable problem brand new out of the box. If I were you & you really like the sound signiture I would just buy a new cable for them, preferably from a different manufacturer, whatever is going on inside the cable can't be repaired generally unless it's in one of the ends.
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