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Hi there. I'm a newbie here but a vetran friend of mine suggested i ask the board for help...

In short (and i know its not quite an exact headphone problem), i love my music but i also like to ride a motorbike. Sadly the two aren't an ideal mix.
However, i already have a decent headset built into my helmet, and i now have decent marine (waterproof) stereo/cd/mp3 player. The problem is that its made to work with speakers and has 4 wires hanging out of it ready to plug into the speakers directly.

My question is, how can i make it so i can merge these 4 wires (2xcommon and L/R) into a standard 3.5mm jack plug and also reduce the amount of power heading into the headphones so they don't blow ?

If there is something on the market or something i can make up, i'd love to hear from you.


Gareth - UK