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Cheap Headphones for Music, Gaming and Guitar Practice

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It appears my plans on buying a Sennheiser 598 failed since I changed my wanted price tag a little bit.

I'm looking for some good headphones, preferably over-ears. (I don't actually care. Show me what's best :D )

My budget is 50€ / 50$ since I'm buying a Line 6 Pod Studio UX1 for Guitar Practice and recording.

So I would like some headphones for gaming, listening to music and guitar practice and playing on the guitar.


Any suggestions?


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Well, if you were willing to put $100 would be worth putting into either the ath m-50's or the AD700. (depending on your music preferences) For $75 it is probably reasonable to get the ath m-35's, but I haven't personally heard them. Just the higher in m-50's, which are pretty great. I only suggest this higher price, since you were interested in a $200 pair before. It is worth it for the quality. I think these headphones are the ultimate bang for your buck.

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I've been using Akg k240s for guitar prac
Through the iPad sound pretty good
More like 85 bucks or so
You might wanna look at the superlux hd 681
It's basically a knock off of the Akg
And closer to your price point
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The problem is - I can't go above 50€.

The Pod Studio is already 130€ and I'm not paying more than 180€.


I would prefer some headphones with a clear sound and not so strong bass. I don't really like that boomy punchy pass since I don't really listen to stuff like dubstep. I listen to stuff like rock, metal, synth pop and video game soundtracks.


If I could spend more than 50, let's say 80€ I would go for the Grado 60is in an instant.

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Have a look at Superlux HD681B, HD668B or Samson SR850.

All 3 are variations on the same theme, all 3 relatively neutral sounding and highly detailed (for the price) headphones. All 3 are on the bright side of things and all 3 can be EQ-ed successfully according to taste or necessity.

Neither of the 3 are boomy in the bass, rather the opposite. Microdynamics, speed and detail are probably what sets them apart of most (if not all) budget headphones on the market.


For long term comfort velour pads would be necessary (AKG K240/270 pads work best).

The new SR850's are now shipped with velours instead of pleather, so that might be worth considering.


** Since they're worldwide distributed and can be found in most pro audio shops, there are good chances you can listen to at least one of the 3 before you buy. I'd highly recommend that.

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Bump and Thread to the trash!


Just won the bidding on some Grados SR-60s with new pads. (The Old SRs. Not the Is)

Got them for 37,50€ on Ebay.

Thanks everyone for the advice!

Sure hope some other people might use these recommendations.


Thanks again!



These are amazing! :basshead:

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