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BIG Ears looking for Around-Ear design - Help!

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So I'm coming straight from a bunch of gaming headsets. The likes of, Razer Krakens, Steelseries Siberia V2s, and Corsair Vengeance 2000s.

I strongly disliked the audio quality from the headsets, and the comfort was not a strong point for me. The small-ish circular ear pads clamped the tips of my ears as the cups were too small! Plus the Vengeance 2000s were very heavy and I'm not a van of the cloth-velour material.


So I'm looking at some Sennheiser headphones, for under £80 which I am mainly looking at for comfort from big ear cups. My ear length/height measures 7cm or so. 

I'm currently looking at the Sennheiser HD 429 and 449 as they are said to be around-ear design with leatherette ear cups.

-However I have read reviews that the ear cups are not actually that big and may not fit for me.


Should I just go and buy the HD380 pros? I'm pretty sure they are big enough according to:



All I'm really looking for are:



Big OVAL ear cups

Leatherette not velour


Under £80 from sennheiser?



Thanks! Please offer your suggestions.

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Anyone got any opinions?

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The HD 4xx series is indeed more of an On Ear fit, as opposed to an Over Ear.  The earcups on all of the HD 4xx series are very small. The HD380 pros are much larger and should provide an over the ear fit. Stay away from the 400 series if you have large ears.


If you are looking for a gaming headset (equipped with a mic), take a look at the Sennheiser PC 350s or the PC 360s.  They are a little over your stated price range but they both have excellent sound quality.


Also, if a mic is not important to you and price is your main concern, take a look at the Superlux HD 681 EVO.  I am listening to music with my EVOs right now.  Excellent sound quality and they have VERY large earcups (50mm drivers).  They should be well within your price range.

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Thanks for your reply. I took a look at the HD 681 evos but I'm not a fan of the circular ear cup design. The siberia v2s had circular cushions and they didn't fit me well. I think maybe the bose ae2 or the sennheiser 380 pro. I'm really just looking for a big ear cup design which is affordable.

Currently I don't need a mic since I bought a desk mic instead.
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You should be more than well suited to the AKG K701/K612 (or some variant thereof, there are many versions with subtle differences between each). They have huge cups and are pretty much one of the best if not THE best affordable dynamic headphone for gaming.


Alternatively, there is the Audio-Technica AD700 if you want to go cheap



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Sorry those headphones don't really tick my boxes for oval and leatherette ear cups which are pretty important for me.


Thanks anyway

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Why do they need to be ovals if they are going to be over-ear (the cups on both of these headphones are massive)? Oval earcups pretty much limits you to less than half of the options available, if that.

And why pleather over velour? Velour is typically regarded to be the best headphone pad material on this site, even over exotic leathers, because it doesn't make your ears sweat with extended contact. Some of those AKG headphones actually have memory foam inside of the velour pads, and they are said to be some of the most comfy earpads available for any headphone.

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