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For Sale:
AKG K550, excellent condition, in original box

Will Ship To: CONUS

AKG K550, in excellent condition, in original box with accessories (adapter, brochures). I can't kind any flaws on them, and have used them about 30 hours total in the 4 months I've had them.


Amazingly revealing and accurate, with incredible soundstage for a closed can. Very, very neutral - they aren't basshead cans, but they aren't one-trick ponies either. The extension is amazing - it rattles your brain - but they won't thump it to death either. If you're looking for that one can that can make you delve deeper into your music WITHOUT making everyone else angry (they're closed), then this is the set you're looking for.


As I said in my X1 ad, I'm just paring down my collection, as I'm expecting a kid soon. These are a casualty, as my HD598s will be my new main can.


$150 shipped CONUS. This is a fair price, so therefore I won't negotiate UNLESS you have something VERY interesting to trade with me, straight across.