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Just this morning, I received my Alien Ears IEM's, CFR3 model in the mail!  My experience with this fantastic group of musicians is nothing short of exceptional!  I had contacted the AE team to discuss my requirements and ask for recommendations as I am a professional working drummer with a particular interest in high end gear and performance.  The conversation with Andre's brother was awesome!  He was informative and assisted me with the proper selection of IEM's, and we quickly got the process underway.  Payment was super fast, using all the latest technology with Paypal etc, and within a few days, my IEM mold kit arrived.  The website takes you directly to a YouTube video giving very clear instructions on how to take your own impressions, which saves hundreds of dollars rather than dealing with an audiologist.  I had my bride take the impressions for me, and I sent them off to AE for manufacturing of my new IEM's.  The turnaround time was less than a week!  I received an e-mail stating that my product was on it's way, and tracked right to my doorstep.  Delivery time was 3-5 business days, which is what anyone should expect with USPS.  I promptly opened the box, and I was quite impressed!  These folks take good care of their customers!  A little swag included in the box was a cool bumper sticker, some important instructions, and a very nicely done thank you letter, hand signed by Andre Belloise, the General Manager.  Nice touch!  I opened the protective case and I was immediately impressed with the look and feel of these high end IEM's!  I ordered a clear pair so that I could see to clean them when required, and I proceeded to wear them immediately.  The fit is awesome!  They literally "snap" right into your ears, and the fit is comfortable and non-invasive.  The fit is perfect!  I then went down to my studio and plugged in...  The experience is astounding!  These bad boys are right on the money, the response is amazing, and the clarity is something that anyone looking to upgrade to IEM's should experience.  These IEM's are exactly what I needed, and I plan to give them the live tryout this evening on the gig!  I cannot say enough about the Alien Ears team!  First class all the way, with a very high priority in customer service and satisfaction.  There is something to be said about American Made products, and this group of intergalactic pioneers are on point!  A BIG thanks for a great product, and the perfect way to save your hearing while experiencing audio that way it should be heard!  WOW!!!! 


Ron W....