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Deep bass 6AS7 tube

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This is my first first participation in this noble group.
I built an amp with a poor GE 6080 metal base in single ended parallel mode and to my surprise it played as well as my amp with the 2A3C. But I like a lot of bass and want to find a 6SA7 or equivalent with more bass response.
( the GE bass is fine)

What 6SA7 is recommend  for a deep bass ?





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Tung Sol 5998? maybe a Bendix 6080WB slotted graphite if you can find it....


oh or GEC 6080...

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But this tubes are rare and expensives...
Do not have others options more cheapies ?


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not really....


maybe RCA or preferably Chatham 6AS7G, but improvements aren't as big as those other tubes.


you can also try Tung Sol 7236, but bass isn't necessarily super deep and extended, but it does have decent bass, better tube than the GE 6080 and should be similar but better in every aspect.

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A friend have some Tungsol 5998 ST and want 20 dollars in each, but the tubes are used tested. Is s good option ?
And the Tungsol 6080 and 6AS7GA is fine ?

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yeah as long as u can get some life out of them, thats great price since $100-$150 new a piece.


tung sol 6080, never tried it, might not be a good enough improvement over the GE 6080.


the 5998 is one of the best tubes out there though, 

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Transformer or OTL? To get good bass, you'll want big output caps in an OTL.
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Transformar. I do not like the OTL sound. And the 7208 have a good sound ?
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7802 sound similar to 5998 and cost about the same. I use them because of the high transconductance in my OTL, but the output voltage is also lower. For a transformer amp, you may be able to use a 6SN7 depending on how much current you biased it at. You could try the russian 6H13C also, they are inexpensive and sound good.
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I get some cheap Chineses 6N5P and some Thomson 6080WA but do not receive yet.
This Thomson 6080WA sound fine ?
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I've not heard the Thomson myself, but want one for my collection. I've read it sounds just fine.
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Good know about the 7208. I see some pieces in a tube store next to my house. I will get it.
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