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best to run with

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I am looking for some IEMs to run with. Anyone have to best to stay in the ear. I listen to pop, hiphop rock. All modern. 

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Westone. Best ergonomics for running/ working out. W3 or W30 if you like hip hop and need big bass.
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I ran 3 times with my Westone W2s and the cable broke at the ear. I don't run with expensive headphones anymore because that's stupid and you can't hear the music critically anyways. Plus you're sweating on $100+ headphones, 1) ew and 2) that's water.

When I run or work out I use the cheap headphones that come with your electronics. I usually use my iBuds because they're the best fitting and least obtrusive but I have random earbuds ready. It's really more about the rhythm and the beat than actually listening to nuances in the melody or chorus. Just go with whatever's comfortable with a long enough cord that it doesn't flip off. I don't know what kind of crazy running you're doing if they don't stick in your ear.
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If you're using these headphones strictly for running, I would not recommend a pair of IEMs.  The isolation that you get from IEMs is potentially dangerous for anyone running outside where there are vehicles passing by.  Also, most IEMs are not water resistant, and sweat can potentially damage the drivers.  


My favorite headphones for running are the Sennheiser PMX 680i.  I bought them a few years back- looks like they're discontinued and replaced by the PMX 685i model.  This headphone wraps around your head behind your ears (I never have to adjust them when they're on, unlike IEMs), is very light weight, is comfortable, and has a remote for volume/skipping tracks.  It is also water resistant, and have lived through even the sweatiest of runs.  Isolation on these are similar to that of Apple Earbuds- so long as you're not blasting music you can still be aware of the environment surrounding you.  The sound quality on these are far from impressive, but IMO, that should be one of the last things one should consider when buying a headphone for the purposes of running.  

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