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Originally Posted by bigshot View Post


I don't know about intricacies, but these are the recordings I use to tune my system to...


Fiedler's Offenbach: Gaite Parisienne



Reiner's Russian Showpieces



Steely Dan: Gaucho



Lincoln Mayorga and Distinguished Colleagues



Joni Mitchell: Court and Spark



Any album by Ry Cooder


Ha!  I love the living stereo stuff!! Very well recorded.  :L3000: Yes, those are some great examples of well recorded music.


Originally Posted by Loretta View Post


Shpongles album Tales of the Inexpressible is worth checking out. It is Psychedelic Trance music with a strong emphasis on acoustic, world music and ethnic styles. Don't think its anything like what you typically think of "psy-trance" it is very different. 


Wow!! Amazing!

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Originally Posted by UNIFi View Post

No problem - fair enough about the ability to relate the accuracy acoustically to live performance vs our listening devices.


For whatever reason I'd just taken your post as writing off electronic music in general, like putting it into a modern style - must be shallow/crap like I've seen sometimes on the web.


Is it the march-hare that makes me seem like a fogey, or the use of the word snooty?
Gee, man, I can be hip. Down with the kids, chillin', groovin' and all that jazz :p


I don't know why I never warmed to trance music, I just never did. House and trance has always been more my thing. Heavy, dark and dirty.

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Try Ball and Chain, Big Brother and the Holding Company.

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