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I think they sound great... I did the mod and it didn't do much except making them less pretty, maybe I should do burn in

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Originally Posted by jarrett View Post

I hate to go out of my way to write unflattering thoughts about a product, but the hype train threads need a little sense.


Music listened to


Beethoven, Symphony 6

Holst, The Planets

Ali Farka Toure

Miles Davis, Bitches Brew

Miles Davis, A Tribute to Jack Johnson

Kraftwerk, Minimum-Maximum

Wayne Shorter, The All Seeing Eye


Here is what I own


Audio Technica ATH-CKM500
Fischer Audio Silver Bullet
MEElectronics A151
MEElectronics M6P
Sony MH1C
SoundMAGIC E30
Sunrise SW-Xcape v1
Xears XE200PRO
Zero Audio Tenore (shipping)


For all that I own, each IEM has a distinct quality that I can pick out, love, and makes me want to return using them.


Not the Pistons.


At $30 the build quality is a beauty - I can even use the metal clip as a tie bar - but for all my time spent at Head-Fi, build quality and appearance has never been a strong selling point.


I was expecting a bass oriented signature that I could live with. The Pistons are also rather V-shaped sounding.


Here are my impressions


  • bass quantity that bleeds into the mids
  • no bass quality
  • recessed mids (I gave my Sony player a bump in the 0.4 khz, which didn't help much)
  • because the bass bleeds into the mids, the Pistons sound more recessed than they should be
  • poor treble extension
  • uninvolving lacking energy
  • couldn't find that special quality to love


In my view, I'm a fairly objective listener. I was surprised they didn't excel with any genre I listened to and, how uninvolving they were in presentation. Overall, I'm disappointed in them. They are in no way Hi-Fi sounding. If joker were to review a pair, I believe he would score them a low 7

The midrange can be bump up by the 1khz and 2.5khz simultaneously. Try that instead of the muddy .4khz.

After trying that please compare to the ba200 for me (as I have those).

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What's the difference in sound of 2.0 vs. 2.1? Which one has the better sound and why?

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Same thing with different packaging. I shouldn't have said 2.1 actually. I think Xiaomi call them iF Commemorative Edition.

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Pretty V-Shaped to me. I guess Piston would be good for EDM, to me, personally. 

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The "IF Editions" are the best out of the Pistons money can buy.


This is the total bundle package!

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Which mod is recommended for these IEMs and how do you go about doing that?

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Hey please help me :confused_face(1):... I want to buy these


.. but as i have heard there are many fake ones available online..so please anyone of you who have bought the real ones please send me the link and tell me more about its build quality. I also want to know if they durable enough to be used for running and workouts:darthsmile: and whats are your thoughts on sound quality.

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