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I joined the forum for the sole purposes of being able to get in touch with the experienced audiophiles in the crowd. I was hoping I could get some input on my soon-to-be realized dream of owning HD800s. 


Some background, I am an avid PC gamer, someone who appreciates the very nice things in life, and I got my first big boy job and I'm okay with spending top dollar, so long as I make the right decision and it's somehow justifiable. 


I've been using an Asus Essence STX Xonar, coupled with Logitech z5500s and Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 80ohm. Yes, I know using the TOSLink from the STX to the z5500s defeats the purpose, but I already had those speakers and wasn't ready to part ways with them. I wanted a top end sound card for powering headphones. I was drawn to the DT770s for their bass and their sound stage, and at $200 those were what I could afford. I went on to get a pair of DT990s 250 Ohm for around the house listening and Custom One Pros for my office. I appreciate the nuances of each headphone and I am okay with coloring the sound a bit to get the signature I'm looking for. 


Now-a-days I'm interested in switching out the z5500s for a bookshelf pair from SVS and a sub. But I still want surround sound gaming in the form of premier headphones. 


I've read the HD800s are about as good as they get in sound stage, and I'm not phased by the price tag. Also they look damn good. So much so that I'm considering them over the Beyerdynamic T1's, which you can tell is the brand I'm most loyal to. 


So without anyone convincing me that I need to get HD558s instead, can any one provide some input? Any particular sound card, either internal or external that I should consider over the STX? Is there another headphone that has better sound stage and directional accuracy than the HD800s?





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