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My very first post.


Recently, an uncle who moved to Australia (I guess he didn't outgrow his love of kangaroos as a kid! :-) handed me down his Maverick Tubemagic D1+.  


Anyways,...  I am a measly factory worker with a somewhat limited budget of $250-$300, searching for a pair of closed circumaural headphones that would get the most out of my freshly inherited dac-amp.  


Appearance is not a factor.  Comfort is preferred, of course, but can be sacrificed to some extent.  Both the small and bigger Momentums and the Amperior were too bright and too in-your-face for my taste.


If there's a cocktail of SR80's mids and highs and ATH-M50's bass out there, it would definitely tickle my fancy.


Genres I listen too are acoustic, vocals, different flavors of rock (folk, grunge, classic, alt, psychedelic, 60's, etc.). There's the occasional mood for classical/instrumental, ballads and oldies.


Source equipment are desktop pc/laptop/tablet, connected to D1+ by USB


Media are FLAC, 320kbps, CD.  


Many thanks in advance for your advise and/or any link to existing threads.