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Hey all,


My current main setup is iMac -> optical S/PDIF -> Schiit Gungnir -> Schiit Mjolnir -> Audeze LCD-2. I also have a small USB DAC sourcing powered monitors. I'm trying to incorporate cheaper headphones into my setup for situations when I want headphones on (gaming, youtube, etc) but I don't want to fire up all my big headphone gear.


I think I'm looking for a small and fairly inexpensive headphone amp that has switchable pre-outs. That way I can switch between the monitors and the headphones. The amp would ideally be something designed to be on all the time (i.e. it doesn't run way hot). I am currently unaware of any amp that meets these requirements (and googling wasn't fruitful). Does anyone have any suggestions? Or have an alternative way of accomplishing this? Thanks!