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Bluetooth Headphones & Cross Body Interference?

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Hello, I figured I was ask this question here as many people here own and use many types of headphones.  I have run into an issue with some lowered priced Bluetooth Headphones regarding Cross-Body interference.  I purchased them for running based on the price and reviews over at Amazon.  They are these here:




The sound and call quality is impressively good for the $23 price.  This is also my first experience with Bluetooth headphones.  I pair them up with my Nexus 5 phone which I keep in a Spi Belt running belt.  I had all kinds of issues with audio cutting in and out with the phone strapped to my lower back with the running belt.  


I did all kinds of troubleshooting and decided to chock it up to headphones being the problem since I was able to recreate the issue with two other phones.  Then I ran across an article on Cross-body interference in a google search.  


I twisted the belt around so the phone is on my right side (which has a better line of sight to the right earpiece of the headphones), and I only occasionally have audio cut out now.  I guess my right arm interfere's with the signal.



These headphones also have great range (I can be across my house and behind two walls and they still work great.  


My question is, is this issue this bad with ALL Bluetooth headphones with the Cross-Body interference?  If so, why would anyone ever pay the price for something like Jaybird Bluebuds?  


I do not see this issue discussed  a lot, but if this major flaw which is a bluetooth limitation is consistently this bad then how do people not go insane trying to workout with Bluetooth headphones at the Gym or running.


Nobody wants to carry their phone in their hand when working out.  If you can't put your device in your pocket, or in a running belt it kind of defeats the purpose of having wireless.


Any more information others can provide from first hand experience with bluetooth headphones is appreciated.


I have  pair of AKG K840 Wireless headphones that a love, but those are for home & office listening only. I'm not getting those all sweaty. :)   I wanted to maybe try some higher end Bluetooth workout headphones that are still cost effective, like Motorolas, but am hesitant, since I will have to return them because of the same interference issues.



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Really? Over an entire weekend and nobody can confirm or deny if the interference is like this on all Bluetooth headphones?  I figured people on a site like this would the ones that would know something more about the different headphone technologies since lots of you guys own multiple sets, styles, etc.


Any thoughts at all?  Thanks.


- hogfan

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