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I am looking to buy a new DAC/AMP combo. I am looking at the Audio-GD NFB-28, Woo Audio WA7 and Yulong DA8. I can see benifits to all three, and all have great reviews. This will be used at home at my desk hooked up to my computer via USB. The music files are mostly FLAC ripped from CD's and 320kbps MP3's from Google Play with some High Res from HD Tracks thrown in. My headphones are HE-400 and Sennheiser HD600. My budget is about $1000 but willing to go a little higher for the WA7 and the Yulong DA8 if the performance is that much better. I am really torn on this one as the NFB-28 is quit a bit less, especially when you throw the new tube power supply for the WA7 into the mix. I have heard great things about Audio-GD products and Woo Audio needs no introductions on this forum and the DA8 is suppose to be real good. The lower price for the NFB-28 is a strong factor, as I am hoping to pick up a HE-560 and the money saved will help with the HE-560. The major concern here is of coarse Sound Quality. Has anyone here listened to them? Can someone help me chose one over the other? Which would you chose and why?