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Looking for peoples opinions on these two phones. I Listen mostly to Jazz and female pop vocals, for example Emmylou and Allison Krause, Adele ect. I am not above listening to some classic rock from time to time either, Elton John, Joe Cocker ect. Will be listening via a Bifrost and a Lyr amp.

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You wont go wrong with either. For jazz and female vocals I prefer the lcd3 by a slight margin. It has a slight more organic and natural tone which is tough to beat with vocal oriented music. 

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Thanks Matt, that is actually what I was thinking too. Just good to have someone else confirm it for me.

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My experience too. I've never heard vocal's like the 3's can do them. I prefer the 2's for jazz though IMHO. The 2's are a bit drier, the 3's a bit wetter. Both are phenomenal for rock. The X's are more analytical though by no means sterile... they still have that fantastic Audeze house sound with some great tech behind them that makes them top-notch.

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I vote lcd3 as well. For the exact same reasons as above.

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