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For Sale:
Lawton-modded Denon AHD2000 with Q-Audio Silk Cable+JDS Labs Amp

Will Ship To: ConUSA


If you're looking for a fantastic set of closed cans that punch way above their weight class, you have to give these a spin. 


Mark Lawton modded the headphones for me (chassis damping and pad enhancement), and Brian at BTG Audio hardwired Steve Eddy's fantastic 1.5-meter silk Q-Audio cable with a 1/8 plug. All told, the setup cost north of $600. And it was worth it! They really do sound fantastic. 


Alas, I’ve accumulated too many headphones to use them all and it’s time to thin the herd. These cans are in great shape (I baby all my stuff), and I have the original Denon box. 


To sweeten the deal, I'll throw in a black JDS Labs C421 amp at my asking price. It's a great little portable amp that sold for $184 when I bought it in 2012. You may find it's all you ever really need for the Denons. If you're interested in a high-end experience with these cans, check out the CEntrance DACmini Dac/Amp I'm also selling. I'll give you a deal if you buy both. 


No trades, and ConUSA only. Meet my price and I'll cover shipping and paypal fees. 


Thanks for looking,



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