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For Trade:
BOTH Nuforce ha200 class A amp + Fiio e12 for SENNHEISER HD650

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Fiio e12

fiio pics (Click to show)






^tiny scratch




the fiio is not for sale.I am bought an aftermarket usb-micro cable for it because the original is missing. The aftermarker is better anyway. ( much any cheap charger will work. It has a cosmetic scratch in the top as seen in the pic above  and is in otherwise great functioning condition. Thats actually how I bought it. 





pic (Click to show)





Will trade both of these wonderful amps for your hd650


I have a bottle head crack and speedball about to finished. I am just missing the hd650. 


If I didnt like my vintage receiver so much I wouldnt be doing this cause the nuforce kicks butt and is the best amp I have had. I prefer its sound to the emotiva  and others I have had here. The fiio e12 also rocks and I will definitely buy another one when I get an iphone. 


The MINT nuforce is for sale in another thread 

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