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Shure SRH440 With HM5 Pads?

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Recently, I've been looking for replacement pads for my SRH440. Most people recommend the 840 pads, which I was going to buy, until I found a thread that had the SRH440 with the Brainwavz HM5 pads, and claimed to give the 440 better soundstage. If anyone has tried this, could you tell me whether they fit well on the 440, where I can get them, how the isolation is, and if they're more comfortable than the 840 pads? Also, the more important question, how do they change the sound? Any help is appreciated. 

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Edited. I'm an idiot, misread your OP. All I know is that I think I found the same guy who suggested that. I'm trying the SRH840 pads if you're curious.

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Sure, I'd love to hear what you think about the 840. I'd like to know especially if they add a lot of comfort (I find the 440 pads too hard) and isolation. If they change the SQ or boost bass, etc, I'd like to know what changes.

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Has anyone tried the SRH440 with any other pads than the 840s, and not just the HM5 pads? I'd like to get a few options and see which would be the best to choose.

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So I've worn the Shure SRH440s around for some time, long enough to give you my opinion on the pad swap.


First off, the headphones are undeniably more comfortable with the SRH840 pads. This isn't because the 440 pads are, themselves, uncomfortable, like everyone seems to suggest. My problem is with the shallow depth of the pads. Since they aren't thick or wide enough, my ears would touch the baffle plate just underneath, which sits between the pads and the drivers, and it hurt after an extended period of time. I had to take them off, and when I did, I felt a phantom pain that lingered for some time, keeping me from putting them back on again for a little while. The 840 pads remedied this issue, and the stuffing (memory foam) is more comfortable than that of the 440 pads. Blah blah, pleather, makes your ears warm, blah. You know the drill. I don't care about my ears getting warm from pleather, doesn't bother me much at all.


The isolation was slightly improved. Don't let that convince you that it isn't worth the swap, though. Despite the fact that isolation was mildly better with the 840 pads, it makes a massive difference when you don't have to turn up your volume. Since the headphones are very easily driven, you don't have to worry too much about isolation - so long as you don't mind damaging your hearing. When cars passed by as I wore the 440 pads, I could hear them pretty clearly over the music, but not so much that it ruined the experience. The 840 pads really improve upon that, especially on bus commutes where you have to put up with the loud bus engine.


tl;dr Get the 840 pads. Don't know about HM5 pads.

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