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Wanted: Shunyata or Siltech XLR interconnects

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Shunyata or Siltech XLR interconnects

Will Ship To: Anywhere



I am searching for a decent pair of Shunyata or Siltech balanced interconnects. I am particularly hoping to find:


Shunyata Altair


or possibly


Siltech Classic Anniversary 220i


Condition is not critical. I've never turned a person away for the lack of shine on his shoes.


Preferably half-meter or one-meter length.


And if you are interested in a partial trade, I have a 3-meter Wireworld Supernova 6 glass cable, toslink to mini-toslink, which is in need of employment.


Thanks for looking.

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Good luck in your search, I am really happy with my Siltech balanced interconnects.


One word to the wise when you are looking at Siltech cables from online sellers- Siltech is one of the most counterfeited cables on the market.


Siltech themselves estimate that 90% of the Siltech cables sold on ebay are fake:

Some of the Siltech fakes are very convincing- with Siltech packaging, authenticity certificates, etc.  You would be very hard pressed to know the differences.  That is why I bought my cables from an authorized Siltech dealer.


My apologies in advance if you were already aware of all of this.  I just hate to see anyone get burned.  

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Thanks for your kind note. In fact, I do know that Siltech is widely counterfeited. So in fact, I should probably take down my Wanted ad from Audio Mart. That's probably another good place to get burned.


I have a pair of Siltech RCAs from my DAC to my amp. They sound nice but I got them second-hand, and I sometimes wonder if they are authentic.

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