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DAC for gaming?

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hi all,


massive fps gamer here.


(counter strike, counter strike: go, battlefield 3 etc)


im looking to buy a DAC/AMP combo to complement some AKG K702 headphone i will hopefully purchase (ive heard these are the best for fps gaming - these or the Audio Technica AD700X?)


ive been looking at:


fiio e17

fiio e7k

cambridge audio dacmagic 100

audioquest dragonfly v1.2

hrt microstreamer

hrt musicstream 2

audioengine d1


size doesnt really matter due to only needing for my pc


optical input is preferrable as i have optical output from my Asus P8Z77-i deluxe motherboard, which i presume would be better than usb



thanks for any input~

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bump, please help!

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It's best to listen to your new headphones first, then decide what's lacking.


AKG K-702's benefit from a strong amp. A DAC is not mandatory unless your onboard sound is noisy. So, try the headphones first. If you need more volume, add a strong amp. If you need less noise and more volume, go for a DAC + amp.

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The only problem with external DACs and fps gaming is you cant use things like dolby headphone etc that some people really like using with FPS gaming for positional audio.

That being said, I regularly play CSS & CSGO aswell as occasionally BF4 and my external DAC still provides me with great positional audio.


Im currently using a Modi as DAC and a Lyr as amp on my desktop system.

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