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For Sale: EML 2A3 Meshed plate

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For Sale:
EML 2A3 Meshed plate

Will Ship To: CONUS

Up for sale EML 2A3 Meshed plate

They have about 200 hours on them. I hear no hum or any noise.

Selling EML2A3s or $450 5U4Gs for $SOLD

Price includes shipping in CONUS but not paypal fee.

Sale is for CONUS Only. but if you have great feedback in this forum I'll consider shipping it outside of US with additional shipping charge.

I am currently not interested in any trade.


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How many hours on the 5U4g?

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approx 200 hours

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Originally Posted by senson View Post

approx 200 hours

I might take it if you are selling separately - but i live in Ireland and have no sales on headfi. How much would delivery be to Dublin Ireland? 

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PMed !!!

I really need the 5U4G.

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